3rd plenary meeting of the CO2-DISSOLVED projet, June 11th-12th, Nancy


The 3rd plenary meeting took place in Nancy, at the ARTEM campus (the Nancy school of Mines), where the MIRAGES-2 experimental facility is installed. Despite many difficulties for some of us to reach Nancy due to the strike at the SNCF, all the partners were present, except Geogreen who was not available at this date. The first day (June 11th) was devoted to a specific workshop on risk assessment related to the CO2-DISSOLVED approach. During the second day (June 12th), the results obtained in the ongoing tasks were presented to the whole team. We spent a significant time visiting the MIRAGES-2 facility which perfectly works so far. The first experimental results of a "blank" injection test started on June 11th are expected by mid-July. The presence of our American partner (Partnering in Inovation, Inc.) gave us the opportunity to enter very much into details about their new patented capture technology and the way it could be fitted to the injection well of the geothermal doublet. All the discussions were very fruitful and encouraging  on the viability of the whole CO2-DISSOLVED concept.

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