About the logo

This logo was entirely designed and realized by the project's team. The major contributors are Marie-Hélène Beddelem (CFG Services), Christophe Kervévan (BRGM) helped by his 12-year old daughter Julie who already has very good skills in drawing, and Lise Cary (BRGM). The objective was to make something pleasing to the eye as well as sufficiently self-explanatory to give the keys for understanding in seconds what the project is about.

The acronym also gives some clues on the project's content. Although it is supposed to be useless (!), the figure below (click to enlarge) provides some explanations on the meaning of this logo. The most important keywords of the acronym are highlighted in yellow. It then has to be kept in mind that the CO2-DISSOLVED concept aims at providing:

  • a local and more secure (because CO2 is dissolved) CO2 storage system
  • geothermal heat for local use
  • a new potential market for the low to medium industrial CO2 emitters (10-150 kt CO2/yr)

Dernière mise à jour le 19.12.2017