PILOTE CO2-Dissolved

Seeking an appropriate industrial pilot site

A new project, following on from the initial ANR-funded research project 'CO2-Dissolved', was selected and financed by the Scientific Interest Group Geodenergies. PILOTE CO2-Dissolved runs from June 2016 - May 2018.

With the overall goal of bringing the CO2-Dissolved concept to deployment stage, the main objective of ‘PILOTE CO2-DISSOLVED’ is to seek out a compatible site and prepare the ground for fruition of an industrial demonstrator pilot where the CO2-Dissolved concept can be appilied.

Main objective

Identify an industrial site and bring onboard the industrial partner in order to size a first demonstration pilot that aims to capture, inject and store locally the emitted CO2 after being dissolved in brine extracted from a geothermal doublet.

A potential market for small industrial emitters (< 150 kt/a)

A matching of geothermal resources and the location of small industrial emitters (yellow spots in the map below) has demonstrated where the potential of applying the CO2-DISSOLVED concept lies, particularly in France. The pilot site is now being sought among the identified compatible CO2 emitters.


In search of the ideal site

•Industrial partner motivated by reducing its environmental footprint and ready to invest in a new technology

•CO2 emission rate not too high (few 10s of kt/a is preferable), because of the solubility constraint of CO2 in brine 

•Flue gas with high CO2 grade (‘pure’ CO2 is ideal)

•Geothermal potential available locally and a local use for the recovered heat (directly in industrial processing, urban heating network, etc.)

•No major regulatory or administrative issue preventing onshore CO2 injection

•Interest to the local population (maintenance of jobs, greener energy supply, less environmental pollution, etc.)

Get in touch to discuss possibilities of applying the CO2-Dissolved technique to your industrial facility: Contact the project Manager

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