What's it all about?

The innovative CO2-Dissolved approach: distinct but complementary to the conventional CO2 storage technique





•A safer CO2 storage approach, due to injection of CO2 in dissolved form,at the immediate vicinity of the emitter

•An innovative CO2 capture technology

•As the CO2 is captured and stored locally, costs related to CO2 transport are avoided

•Economic and environmental benefits from the local use of the extracted geothermal heat

•Industrial target: small to medium emitters (< 150 kt/a)

•Applicable only to areas with geothermal potential

CO2-DISSOLVED addresses two of the main showstoppers of CO2 Capture & Storage (CCS) deployment:

•Provides a direct economic benefit for the CCS operations with the geothermal heat recovery.

•Proposes a ‘low-cost’ capture technology relying on a cheap, abundant, and environmental-friendly solvent: water.

CO2-DISSOLVED opens a new CCS market:

•Offers a solution for cutting CO2 emissions of low-emitting industries, otherwise impossible to decarbonise.

•Is complementary to the 'standard' CCS approach

Dernière mise à jour le 30.06.2021