Design of a CO2-Dissolved facility

>Relies on a well-known technology

•Standard low-enthalpy geothermal wells

•Surface heat exchanger system

>CO2 capture

•Use of an innovative patented technology,“Pi-CO2”, based on CO2 dissolution in water






>Injection of CO2-acidified water

•Integration of the CO2 injection line in the well head (‘single absorber’ version of Pi-CO2)

•Corrosion issues on mild-steel materials

•Use of composite materials (Glass Reinforced Epoxy)


Pi-CO2 Full Capture

Full Capture version  uses multiple, cascading absorbers + compression in a large diameter 600 m-deep well.

€ 25-35 M





Pi-CO2 Simplified

Uses a single absorber version of Pi-CO2

€ 10-15 M

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