Main tasks and deliverables

The CO2-DISSOLVED project proposes to assess the feasibility of a novel CO2 capture strategy in deep saline aquifers, combining injection of dissolved CO2 and recovery of the geothermal heat from the extracted brine.  This alternative to standard supercritical CO2 injection has several benefits including risk reduction and mineralization potential.  However, there are also limitations and an evaluative comparison of this dissolved injection versus standard capture and supercritical phase injection is warranted.  This proposal focuses on the capture and separation of CO2 from low tonnage emission sources (ca. 10-150kt/yr) with local storage for sequestration. The main technical points covered by the scientific and technical program focus on:

  • An innovative CO2 capture and dissolution technology (Task 1),
  • The efficiency of the coupled injection/geothermal heat extraction system (Task 2),
  • Monitoring and risk assessment (Task 3).

The results produced in these three main tasks will be used as input data for the final integration (Task 4) where application to selected test-cases (one in France, one in Germany) will allow us to conclude on the technical-economic feasibility of the whole storage concept.

Figure 1 (click to enlarge) describes the technical diagram of the project on which are also included two supplementary tasks devoted to dissemination and valorization (Task 5), and coordination of the project (Task 0).









Figure 1:  technical diagram of the project including non-technical tasks (0 and 5)



The following table (click to enlarge) summarizes the deliverables produced in the project. These are available by sending a request to the Project Coordinator via the contact form.


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