4th plenary meeting of the CO2-DISSOLVED project, June 25-26, Orléans


The 4th plenary meeting took place in Orléans, at the BRGM scientific and technical center. The first full day was devoted to presenting the scientific results acquired so far. These results, both experimental and from physical or economical models, are of very high scientifc value in the perspective of assessing the viability of the CO2-DISSOLVED concept, which remains the main objective of the project. They will all be detailed in reports to be published within the next months. Publications can also be envisaged for some of these results. During the second half-day, the discussions were focused mainly on the management of the last six months of the project: scheduling of the remaining deliverables, scientific publications, delays on some of the remaining work packages (analytic protocol for dissolved CFCs to be further used as geochemical tracers for the injected dissolved CO2, in-situ measurement of the downhole geometry of  the injection well in a doublet of the Paris basin). Interesting debates also led us to consider the viability of a future project, that would be a sequel to the current CO2-DISSOLVED project, more oriented on the design of a site-specific industrial pilot in France.

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