CO2-DISSOLVED presented at the the 3rd Edition of the Brazilian Congress on CO2 (April 28-29, 2015, Rio de Janeiro)


In the framework of the 3rd Edition of the Brazilian Congress on CO2 (Rio de Janeiro, April 28-29, 2015), which brings together the academic community and the industry of petroleum, gas and biofuels, Jonathan ROYER-ADNOT (Geogreen / Geostock) had the opportunity to give a talk during a roundtable organized on the first day of the conference (see program here). The focus of his talk was on the economic assessment of the CO2-DISSOLVED concept in the specific context of a bioethanol production plant located in the Paris basin (which is one of the test-cases studied in our project). The presentation generated great interest among the audience, in particular for south american stakeholders (Argentina, Brazil) and members of the Global CCS Institute who attended the meeting.

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