Geophysical experiments at the Villejuif (France) geothermal doublet are ongoing this week


These experiments aim at measuring the electromagnetic field at the surface after electric current injection in the metallic casings of the injection and/or the production wells of the doublet. It is the first time this technology (LEMAM) is applied in an urban environment where many electromagnetic pertubations are present. The results acquired at the end of this week of experiments and further modeling work should enable us to characterize the resistivity variations in the aquifer reached by the wells. If the conclusions of these experiments are positive, notably in terms of our ability to get a sufficiently high signal to noise ratio, and if an injection pilot is built in the framework of a sequel project, this technology could be used to monitor the dissolved CO2 migration (the injected CO2 inducing a resistivity variation in the brine)

Dernière mise à jour le 01.04.2015