New article on CO2-DISSOLVED in the BRGM annual report


The main results of the CO2-DISSOLVED project are presented in a two-page article in the 2015 edition of the BRGM annual report. In the "Geological Storage" chapter, our project is highlighted as a 'flagship project' developing an alternative to massive centralized storage, as underlined by Pierre Toulhat, BRGM Deputy Managing Director and Scientific Director: "An alternative solution now emerging is to use smaller storage units in geothermal reservoirs located close to certain industrial sources of CO2 emissions. The idea is to develop small-scale injection systems into geothermal reservoirs whose properties are known, as many are already used to supply heating networks. The BRGM has begun work on this idea with the CO2 Dissolved project." The article and the full report can be viewed and downloaded in the "They talk about CO2-DISSOLVED" section.

Dernière mise à jour le 19.08.2016