The Pi-CO2 capture prototype has arrived at BRGM












The Pi-CO2 capture prototype, shipped from Florida USA,  has safely arrived at BRGM France

After testing, fine-tuning and validation in Florida USA, the Pi-CO2 prototype was shipped to BRGM offices in Orléans France, where it will be errected in the Pilot Hall for further testing. Once installed, the column measures 8 m high (cf. photo below). 

A major barrier holding back CCS deployment is the current high cost of the capture part of the CCS chain. The Pi-CO2 prototype directly addresses this limitation by offering an innovative, highly efficient, low-cost method of carbon capture. A product of Partnering in Innovation, the capture system is designed to be incorporated in the injection well where it dissolves CO2 in water before its injection into the reservoir for storage.

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Dernière mise à jour le 06.02.2018