Unveiling of the Pi-CO2 capture prototype


Unveiling of the Pi-CO2 capture prototype intalled at BRGM's pilot experimental hall, 20 March 2018 

The Pi-CO2 prototype is a milestone towards
development of a full Pi-CO2 capture system,
particularly well suited to the CO2-DISSOLVED concept



Some 35 people attended the inauguration event, including BRGM's President and Senior Management. Presentations on how the capture system works from our American partners were followed by a demonstration of the prototype. It proved a perfect opportunity to enhance collaboration between the BRGM CO2-DISSOLVED project team members and our American partners. Several demonstrations of the prototype were also given to interested industrial representatives in the same week. 

One of the beauties of this breakthrough technology is its simlicity! The CO2 is captured by dissolving it in water - no chemicals or chemical degradation waste to deal with! It comprises a simple closed loop absorber system offering maximized CO2 mass-transfer from gas state to dissolved state (>90% capture predicted), and all this with a low risk of things not going to plan during operations (no specialty materials, no moving parts in the subsurface, ease in testing & process scaling, etc.).

The future aim is to be able to propose, at true scale, the complete CO2-DISSOLVED technology with BRGM and its partners managing the entire chain of CO2 capture, injection and storage hand-in-hand with geothermal energy production.


Poster explaining the prototype in the context of CO2-DISSOLVED: from prototype to full scale

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Poster explaining the detail of the full Pi-CO2 aqueous CO2 capture process

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