CFG Services (France)

CFG Services is a French geothermal engineering limited company, established in 1985 and subsidiary of BRGM Group.  CFG Services carries out engineering, control-builder, exploitation, advice, and expertise services in the field of heat and power geothermal applications.  For the last ten years, this technical know-how has been mainly performed in France, Caribbean and Asia (Indonesia, China).  CFG Services is willing to develop its activities in several regions in France, where geothermal resources are potentially large and diversified (Paris Basin, Aquitaine Basin, Rhineland Grabben...), and abroad.  This volition accompanies a technological development for new applications.  The Company permanent staff is 35 persons, 28 of whom are highly qualified technicians and engineers in geology, hydrogeology, drilling engineering, geochemistry, corrosion, electrical and mechanical engineering, project management.  CFG Services provides all the geoscientific and engineering services requested in the frame of low, medium and high enthalpy geothermal projects, including exploration, feasibility study, engineering design and construction supervision of geothermal power plants such Lahendong (20 MWe) in Indonesia (2001) and Bouillante 2 (11 MWe) in Guadeloupe.  The other services provided by CFG Services are the maintenance of geothermal doublets (20 doublets on hire), specialized drilling engineering and supervision (deep wells, scientific wells, high enthalpy, work-over operations…), hydrogeochemistry, diagnostic and treatment of well damages (corrosion, scaling, bacterial colonization…), advice and expertise in corrosion, leakage detection on buried pipes by Helium tracing.  Since its creation in 1985, CFG Services provides support to geothermal plant owners or to their operators for a planned and optimized maintenance of the geothermal doublet equipment (production well, production pump, deep-well treatment system, geothermal pipe and associated equipment, injection pump, injection well), and for the curative maintenance of the wells (pumping chamber and casing repair works, well-head rehabilitation, well and reservoir acidification, hydraulic and mechanical cleaning out).  CFG Services operates also in drilling engineering and control-builder:  design of geothermal wells, design of detailed drilling programs, set up of the terms of reference for drilling contractor tenders and assistance to contract negotiations, technical specifications and quantities for drilling consumables, procurement and supply of drilling consumables, drilling supervision and management, well logging, design and realization of production and reinjection well tests, corrosion and scaling testing and studies.  In addition, from this technical know-how acquired in geothermal fields, CFG Services has developed a corrosion and industrial microbiology expertise activity notably focused towards petroleum, petrochemical and chemical sectors.  CFG Services will provide to CO2-DISSOLVED project its expertise in research and deep-well engineering.  In addition to R&D works related to surface equipment and specific pipe joint design linked to CO2 storage concept, CFG Services will particularly contribute to the technical and economical characterization of deep-well solutions, and the design of deep-well exploitation, taking into account its knowledge of preventive and curative maintenances in order to protect the casing materials and the reservoir.


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