Geogreen (France)

Geogreen is an international company offering services dedicated to carbon management in the field of strategic orientation studies and framework definition, and engineering studies for transport and geological storage of CO2.  Geogreen in-house expertise ranges from technical (subsurface, transport, capture, life cycle assessment), to economical (cost estimates, investment optimization through real options assessment), and regulatory analysis of present and future environmental regulatory frameworks, e.g. in Europe and North America respectively.  Geogreen was created in 2007 by Géostock, IFPEN and BRGM.  While Geogreen was established initially as an engineering company for CO2 storage, under the leadership of its management team, Geogreen services have rapidly broadened to cover an ever large spectrum of carbon management issues:  ranging from the conceptual design of CO2 transport schemes and the assessment/development of CO2 valorization options to providing clients with global CCS expertise and strategic insight.  The ideal technical synergies that exist between its expert shareholders and carefully selected staff, enables Geogreen to provide clients with a comprehensive range of services covering the entire CCS chain.  Today the company is recognized internationally as a credible authority on CO2 storage and CCS project development.  Four years after its creation, Geogreen counts a wide range of companies and institutions as clients, including power utilities, industries, large to small oil and gas players, public institutions and intergovernmental organizations.  The company has gained vital experience in CCS-related activities, ranging from technical/economical evaluation and engineering studies of CO2 injections within deep saline formations and depleted hydrocarbon fields, to project engineering, and even to regional scale emissions management planning, CO2 transport schemes, and valorization option development.  In the longer-term, as more CCS projects move to commercial deployment, Geogreen will be able to offer injection site operation assistance, inspection and maintenance services, and monitoring services all the way through the operation of the storage site to the decommissioning and post-closure phases of the project.  Geogreen will bring to the partnership its industrial experience and practice, and will give insight to the research work to enhance the practical application of the findings.  In the R&D work itself, Geogreen will manage Task 4 dedicated to Carbon and energy footprints and economic calculations.  Moreover Geogreen will perform the life-cycle analysis calculations for the carbon and energy footprints of the innovative system proposed in this project, and will also participate to the economics evaluations.

Dernière mise à jour le 21.12.2017