GeoRessources (France)

GeoRessources laboratory combines most of the Nancy applied geology resources and has three supervising institutions: Université de Lorraine, CNRS (INSU and INSIS) and CREGU. The permanent staff exceeds 100 (44 engineers and technicians, 60 teachers and researchers) and the total staff (including part-time) is 180 persons.

GeoRessources research activities are based on 3 research axes (Geomodelling, Raw materials, and Geosystems,). The “Geomodelling” axis is driven by two teams entitled “Geological and Geochemical Models” and “Multi-Scale Hydro-Geomechanics”. The Raw materials axis is driven by three teams focusing on “Carbon Resources”, “Mineral Resources” and “The Use of Resources and Residues”. The “GeoSystems” axis, related to the anthropic use of geological environments, is driven by two teams focusing on “Geological Storage and Geothermal Energy” and “GeoMaterials, Structures and Risks”.

GeoRessources is a member of OSU « OTELo », Institut Carnot « ICEEL », LabEx « Ressources21 », Pôle de Compétitivité “AVENIA” and IEED “Géodénergies”.

GeoRessources performed researches on storage of greenhouse gases and has already participated in a significant number of projects on CCS funded by the ANR: “Géocarbone Monitoring”, “Injectivité”, “Intégrité”, “Proche-Puits”, “Sentinelle”, “Gaz Annexes”, “Interface”, “SIGARRR” and “CGSµLab”. GeoRessources acquired an important experience in the field of the injection of acid gases for more than 10 years thanks to industrial cooperation with Total, Veolia, Schlumberger, GdF-Suez, Solvay, Air Liquide.

GeoRessources couples aspects of flow-transport-chemistry-mechanics through a fine characterization of liquid, gas and solid phases. GeoRessources develops experimental devices (batch reactors, triaxial cells …) mimicking fluid-solid interactions in the fields of carbon resources, mineral processes, geological storages. Solids can be permeable or non-permeable rocks, raw materials and well materials (cement-steel). GeoRessources also has one of the best analytical parks of France (electron microprobes and SEM, Raman and infrared spectrometries, optical microscopies, X-Ray nanotomography, laser ablation ICP MS, liquid and gas chromatographies, etc…).

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