LEO (France)

The Orléans Economics Laboratory (LEO) is a CNRS-University Mixed Research Unit (UMR 6221).  It comprises a hundred members, whose research covers three major areas of expertise:  1) Macroeconomics and Finance, 2) Econometrics, 3) Labor, Organization, Territories and Globalization (TOTEM).  Beyond the diversity of these topics, members of LEO agree on a common research design in economics and especially on the place accorded to quantitative methods.  Moreover, LEO is a center associated with the Centre d’Études et de REcherches sur les Qualifications [Center for Studies and Research on Qualifications] (CEREQ).  The Orléans Economics Laboratory (LEO, UMR CNRS 6221) counts 28 teacher-researchers active in research, divided into three teams:  Macroeconomics & Finance, Econometrics and TOTEM (Work, Organizations, Territory and Globalization).  In the years 2006-2010, LEO produced 165 scientific publications in journals referenced by AERES and 129 in journals classified by section 37 of the CNRS.  Since September 2007, LEO has been involved in collaboration with the BRGM and OSUC on the topic of CO2 capture from biomass, as part of the CPER.  This project, called Artenay, studied the viability of the implementation of a CO2 capture unit at a sugar distillery, on the model of the one at Artenay.  It is particularly reflected by the completion of two PhD theses, with a more general issue.  One of these two theses pertains to microeconomic analysis of the project’s viability.  The second pertains to the macroeconomic impact of these new technologies.  They were defended in 2011 and have already given rise to numerous involvements in international colloquiums.  The project has allowed organizing the first international workshop on this topic at the University of Orléans, co-organized by the BRGM and the Norwegian foundation Bellona.  It brought together more than 40 participants, PhDs, academics and professionals, representing the organizations, companies and agencies involved in these geotechnologies.  Since September 2011, LEO is also involved in the LABEX “VOLTAIRE”, with BRGM and OSUC too.

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