Partnering in Innovation inc. (U.S.A.)


Partnering in Innovation, Inc. (Pi-Innovation) is a small entrepreneurial US-based offering a revolutionary aqueous gas separation technology initially focused on post-combustion carbon dioxide (CO2) capture. 

Our aqueous carbon capture process (Pi-CO2) is a patented technology that reduces costs, parasitic energy, and risks to levels sufficient to stimulate global demand for CO2 in beneficial re-use markets.  Examples of these markets include Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), algal biofuel production, (future) methane clathrate recovery, and tandem aqueous injection with geothermal heat extraction systems.

Capturing industrial CO2 emissions offers a way to substantially reduce global greenhouse gas (GHG) levels.  Finding ways to sell and use the captured CO2 (beneficial re-use) provides incentive for industries to pursue carbon capture projects.

What is limiting this activity is the current ‘cost of capture’.  Common methods of separating and ‘capturing’ CO2 from flue gas and natural gas emission sources are very expensive and highly energy intensive.  The market is limited because the capture costs are too high.

Pi-CO2 directly addresses this limitation.  We offer a new, highly efficient, low cost method of carbon capture.  

As the name ‘Partnering in Innovation’ implies, our business model is based on building partnerships between innovators, industry, and researchers for testing and commercial deployment of promising technologies. We seek elegant, profitable solutions that help simplify complex challenges in sustainable systems.

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