CO2-DISSOLVED at the international conference "Our common future under climate change", 7-10 July, Paris


Xavier GALIÈGUE (LEO, on the left side of the picture beside) represented the CO2-DISSOLVED team attending the international conference "Our common future under climate change" held in Paris, 7-10 July 2015. He presented a poster co-authored by Audrey LAUDE-DEPEZAY (REGARDS) on how the CO2-DISSOLVED concept combined with biofuel production could contribute to a negative emission strategy. After several technical oral and poster presentations given at the last GHGT conference (see details here), our participation to this conference mainly aimed at presenting the first results of the economical aspects of the project. The poster was presented in the "Negative emissions for climate change stabilization and the role of CO2 geological storage" session. This poster and the corresponding abstract are available through the PUBLICATIONS menu.

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